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"I suppose my earliest memories engaging in the arts was observing my Dad and his sign writing business growing up, back when it was all freehand and before computers took over. This was more influential than any arts and crafts practices I participated in as a kid. I would beg him to let me be involved from such a young age, and of corse he let me. I was so lucky. He painted incredible murals on the walls of mine and my siblings bedrooms when we were young. My entire room, all four walls were painted under the sea, and the roof was even airbrushed with white clouds and blues skies. Can you imagine how incredible that would have been for a kid? I wanted to be like him.
However, naturally life took its course and I lost touch of that childhood dream and lost my way, I got asked to leave school because I struggled to see the purpose in it all, I just wanted to be free but I also didn't know what that freedom looked like or meant. So, I ran.
I left home and searched all over the world for anything I could find, anything that would teach me more about my self and my place in this world. I faced many challenges, experienced many losses, often feeling even more lost than when I started the journey, but in return I received even deeper curiosity. What is my purpose here? How could I share the facets of my soul when I didn't even feel like I'd found them? I kept looking.
I met wonderful minds from all walks of life, I listened to their stories, I travelled more places than I can remember and hurt more than I care to admit. I wrote poetry, I sketched, I did anything expressive to try and make sense of it all, and I fell in love with art for my self. Then only a few years ago I learnt that my art can have an impact on others as well, and I suppose thats why I'm here now. That's why I pursued this business and that's why I'll never stop. Art changes us, it awakens the soul and communicates unconscious parts of the mind, not just for the creator but for the observer as well, and thats all we need. So, that's why I'm here and that's why I do what I do. Thank you for being here too." - Tarsha Christie

Photographer Mélissa Hoareau

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