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Tarsha Christie is a passionate multidisciplinary freelance artist who specialises in strict line work and vibrant designs,  she approaches all practices with unique concepts and ideas differentiating her work from the rest. Embodying an intense curiosity with a variety of skills, styles and techniques she can bring any idea into fruition, whether that be creating original designs or replicating existing ones. Thorough in her consultations with great attention to detail, she always encourages her clients to be involved in the design process to ensure the experience becomes a special memory for all. Her professionalism, commitment, and trust allows the process to feel relaxed and exciting for her clients from beginning to end.
With her qualification in Arts Psychotherapy she has intention behind every practice and extensive knowledge in the power of the arts, which brings another element of healing and life to her work. Tarsha is an experienced muralist, sign writer, commission artist, arts teacher, and live art performer who's work has been exhibited in a number of shows and always strives to produce art and a level of service which exceeds all hopes and expectations.  
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